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Online support for parents seeking a new way of thinking about education and parenting. I incorporate concepts of Self-Directed Education and Conscious Parenting to help parents live more aligned lives. Understand homeschooling and parenting through the lens of emotional well-being. 

Embrace the freedom of natural living and learning.

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Get Support 

Homeschool & Parent Coaching

  • Acquire skills to support your child's social and emotional needs.

  • Explore how self-directed learning/homeschooling can help your child thrive.

  • Learn about play based and interest-led learning.

  • Support you own needs as you connect more deeply with your child.

Specializing in Self-Directed Education, Development & Nervous System Regulation. 

Are You Ready To...

  • Create a family lifestyle that allows more freedom, joy & ease.

  • Confidently support your child's learning/homeschool needs.

  • Utilize a natural parenting approach that moves beyond coercion.

  • Learn to trust your child as a capable learner.

  • Become a more flexible and confident parent.

Advocating For Children

Ann is a Developmental Specialist, Special Educator and Yoga Therapist with over 30 years experience working with children and families. She combines her deep understanding of child development with her respect that each child has a unique learning style and path. She is passionate about supporting individual strengths and interests. Her approach to building relationships is based in trust, respect and collaboration.

Protect childhood and reclaim family life.

Mother and Daughter

Uncover areas where you are stuck and feel uncertain.

Create a home education plan that works for YOUR family.

Give your child the gift of an unhurried childhood.

What Clients Say

Ann always asks the right questions. Her intuitive sense of what is happening between a parent and child is remarkable. There are times her questions stopped me in my tracks and truly had me have to pause, reflect deeply, and question what I thought I knew to be the most helpful approach to respond to my teen's angst and anxiety. You can teach techniques and methodology, but not intuition. This is what sets Ann apart from other professionals we had reached out to for support. Their approach, though well-intentioned,  was often formulaic and didn't take into account the individual circumstances of the parent and child. Ann is a unique guide that I would highly recommend to anyone struggling with connecting and understanding their child or teen.                                                                         ~C.F., Parent Client             

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