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Shift Your Perspective

Conscious parenting emphasizes self-awareness and the understanding of your own emotions as it relates to your children. It takes into account a child's development and focuses on connection and trust instead of rewards/punishment and coercion. It is not a prescribed strategy and allows you to trust yourself and let your own intuitive wisdom guide you.

Parent Coaching Can Help You

  • Learn why conscious parenting is not permissive parenting.

  • Explore neurodiversity and parenting.

  • Learn how co-regulation strengthens the parent/child connection.

  • Widen your perspective on development and behavior.

  • Discover engagement techniques to enter your child's world.

***Sessions are tailored to meet your needs.

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Image by Daniel Mingook Kim

Get Unstuck

  • Explore how limiting beliefs reinforce old habits and keep you stuck.

  • Discover how chronic stress influences reactions and decisions.

  • Create space so you can parent with more clarity.

  • Manage your nervous system & positively impact your child.

Parent Coaching That Meets Your Needs

  • Reconnect with your intentions

  • Understand your child's developmental perspective.

  • Respect and honor their individualism.

These consultations are for parents committed to understanding themselves and their children in deeper ways. For parents who want to parent differently but feel stuck in old patterns and limiting beliefs. This is a chance to connect more deeply with yourself, your children and others. I provide support so can get curious about your own challenges and patterns and begin to allow your intuition to guide you. 

Pregnancy Yoga

** 1:1 Coaching Currently Closed **


Full session (55 minutes): $140





Mini Session (30 minutes): $70


Perfect for those who want to dive deep into  specific questions.

Perfect for those who have a few quick questions.

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