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Know Your Options

Every child has a unique learning journey. Conflict happens when learning becomes coerced or is not aligned with a child's needs. If you have been thinking about homeschooling but get overwhelmed with how to begin, these sessions will answer questions and end the confusion. If you are currently challenged with homeschooling, these sessions will help get you back on a path that feels more aligned with you and your learner's needs.

Get Started

  • Learn how to document your child's learning.

  • Turn life experiences into transcripts.

  • Explore the requirements where you live.

  • Get clear on your "why" and create a plan aligned with your values.

  • Learn about resources available to support you on this journey.

  • Explore the most common homeschool challenges.

Learn from an experienced Homeschool mom, Special Educator & Developmental Specialist

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You Currently Homeschool But...

  • Struggle to fit your child into curriculums that don't fit.

  • Feel like you are not doing "enough".

  • Wonder what will happen when your child gets to high school.

  • Experience conflict with your child around learning.

  • Question if you are meeting your child's emotional & social needs.

  • You simply want support to know you are on the right path.


Support your child's natural curiosity, joy and wonder.

Sibling Piggyback

Be Yourself

  • Gain confidence and trust your intuition.

  • Feel grounded in your child's learning process.

  • Learn to trust yourself, your children and your decisions.

  • Enjoy the freedom, trust & connection that develops through homeschooling.

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** 1:1 Coaching Currently Closed **

Full session (55 minutes): $140 



Mini Session (30 minutes): $70

Perfect for those who want to dive deep into specific questions.

Perfect for those who have a few quick questions.

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