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  • Ann Hansen

Why We Get "Stuck"

Have you ever had that feeling that you have been through this before? Different situation yet same reaction and outcome.

Most of us have felt “stuck” at some point in our lives. We can see the same patterns happening over and over but can’t quite figure out how to change things. We are conditioned in our society to push through, to rationalize, to think critically. The problem with this is that we are ignoring the fact that trauma and past experiences stay in the body. The body and mind are connected. The body is sending signals to the brain constantly, but we are trained to bypass body sensations and rely on our thought process. This keeps us stuck.

It’s those same body sensations that are providing important information that could guide us intuitively. I often hear from parents that they knew something they were doing didn’t “feel” right but they didn’t trust that instinct and went with external thoughts and expectations. How did we get so far from trusting our instincts? We are at a time of information overload. We are left brain dominant as a society and have learned to get stuck there.

The healing process begins when we acknowledge the mind-body connection.

We can slowly shift our mindset to becoming more aware of body sensations. It can be uncomfortable initially but once you begin to experience sensations as information, you can be guided from a much stronger internal place. You will find that you will not need to seek as much external advice and choices will feel more grounded.

It’s also important to know we are all going through this. When we can soften and surrender to our imperfections and origination of core beliefs, we are able to grow with our children. The parenting journey provides us with an opportunity to heal long standing wounds and change patterns that no longer serve us.

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